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A minimal brainfuck interpreter written in C.
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A minimal brainfuck interpreter written in C. This implements the brainfuck language as described in the relevant Wikipedia article. The folder examples contains two example scripts.

Brainfuck was originally created by Urban Müller in 1993 and can be thought of as a basic Turing Machine.

Building the interpreter

To build this interpreter, it should be sufficient to run make in the projects root directory. This will create a binary called brainfuck in the root directory.


Brainfuck is a very simple language that consists of only 8 instructions and an infinite tape of memory, all of which is initialized to 0. 'The pointer' initially points to a position in this tape. The available instructions are:

  • > Move the pointer to the right
  • < Move the pointer to the left
  • + Increment the value at the pointer
  • - Decrement the value at the pointer
  • . Output the current value as a char
  • , Read a char to the current value
  • [ If the value at the pointer is 0, jump to matching ]
  • ] If the value at the pointer is not 0, jump to matching [


This interpreter implements a memory tape that is limited in length only by the available ram. Each value in memory is stored a c char (8-bit / 1-byte / 0-255). When a script is loaded, all non instruction characters are discarded. The I/O instructions use the standard in- and out-put.

Additional features

Syntax checking

When a script is loaded, the interpreter will alert the user of any miss-matched brackets.

Interger output

The command line option -i (e.g. brainfuck -i causes the interpreter to output the interger value at the pointer as a decimal number.

Memory dumps

When called with the option -m (e.g. brainfuck -m, the interpreter will output the memory state once the script halts.

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