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Podcast app. For Mac.

Mentioned in Awesome Github Release

brew install --cask doughnut


Doughnut is a podcast client built using Swift. The design and user experience are inspired by Instacast for Mac which was discontinued in 2015. After experimenting with alternate user interface layouts, I kept coming back to the three column layout as most useable and practical.

Beyond the standard expected podcast app features, my goals for the project are:

  • Support an iTunes style library that can be hosted on an internal or network shared drive
  • Ability to favourite episodes
  • Ability to create podcasts without a feed, for miscellaneous releases of discontinued podcasts

Previously Doughnut was built on top of Electron which worked ok, but using 200+ MB for a podcast app, even when it's minimized felt very poor. Doughnut is now written as a 100% native MacOS app in Swift.

How to Contribute

Local Environments

  • Xcode 12.2+, latest stable release is recommended, but not required.

  • Install SwiftLint.

    brew install swiftlint

Get the code

$ git clone
$ cd Doughnut
$ pod install
$ open Doughnut.xcworkspace