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Generic cross-platform Qt Applications
C++ CMake CSS
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This package is being developed as a series of generic and fully cross-platform
usable QT desktop applications.  Most interface work is done directly in QT
Designer.  A local library is used for common code for all these applications.
It is the use of a common library and a shared icon theme that ties the
individual desktop applications into a single source package.

coastal-search is intended to become a QT version of "catfish", although the ui
suggests it may end up with substantially more functionality for selecting,
searching, and using groups of files than catfish originally had.  This is
still in VERY early development.  

coastal-manpager is a QT version of "gman".  It uses it's own rendering
engine for manual pages.  This is ready for initial release.

Other things, like coastal-scope (a qt cscope), will also be added to this
package over time.

All our software is licensed per the GNU General Public License, Version 3 or

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