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Memuy is a file share system made to make easy the process of sharing files for a short amount of time. It doesn't require any kind of authentication and it's free. It only sets a maximum size for the "room" and a deadline for the files, 1 day usually.

This repository has only the front-end part of Memuy: a React web app that uses MobX to manage states.

You can find the API in this repo:

How to run

First, install all the project depencies by running: yarn. Don't use npm, otherwise you will lose all the benefits of the yarn.lock file.

In order to run webpack-dev-server on port 7005 you need to execute: yarn run dev.


  • Drag file
  • Copy files (ctrl + v) to upload
  • Copy url when clicking on it
  • Prevent duplicated file submission
  • About
  • PWA
  • Server-side rendering


📂 React + Mobx webapp for sharing file between devices using easy to remember urls.






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