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Copied README and INSTALL from GD_2_4 branch and made some

modifications based on my guesses of what Bruce Mitchener's
plans are.
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+To install a precompiled binary distribution of Gwydion, go to
+ and download an appropriate
+package for your operating system. Tarballs are available for several
+common Unix-like systems and a variety of processors. RPMs and other
+"packaged" binaries are slowly becoming available as well.
+Binary tarballs are currently designed to untar into /usr/local on most
+platforms. If you want to put them somewhere else, please see the section
+on relocating binaries below. "Packaged" binaries such as RPMs install
+wherever convention would have them install, and need no tweaking.
+To install a source distribution, you'll first probably want to
+install a binary distribution. This is because large parts of Gwydion
+Dylan are written in Dylan and the bootstrap process is fairly time
+consuming. (If you only want to install Mindy, you don't need the
+binary distribution. Just pass the option '--disable-d2c' to
+Recent versions of d2c require a preinstalled Boehm-Weiser-Demers
+garbage collection library. The sources of libgc used to be part of
+the distribution, but we chose to remove it in favor of the real
+thing. Your operating system or C compiler may already have supplied
+it for you (look for gc.h and libgc.a, or let the configure script
+check for you). If it can't find libgc the configure script will
+provide a download link for it. If you install it under, say,
+/usr/lib/libgc.a, provide --with-gc-prefix=/usr to make it accessible
+to the d2c build process.
+Once you have installed a pre-built binary and checked out the source
+from svn://, do:
+ $ ./
+ $ make
+ $ make install
+You can also use a separate build directory:
+ $ mkdir build
+ $ cd build
+ $ ../src/configure
+ $ make
+ $ make install
+If the configure process complains that your platform is unsupported,
+things get a little more involved.
+As d2c relies on the platform's native C compiler for code generation,
+building d2c can sometimes fail due to bugs in the C compiler. In
+situations such as these we recommend reducing the C compiler
+optimization level by adding the --enable-debug option to the
+configure command line.
+If you can't install precompiled binaries into /usr/local, you can install
+them elsewhere and set some appropriate environment variables. In general,
+you'll need to set PATH, any variables required by your C compiler
+(although d2c tries to handle this automatically), and at least one
+Dylan-specific variable.
+ DYLANDIR: The prefix under which Gwydion Dylan was installed. This defaults
+ to /usr/local for tarballs and /usr for RPMS. Both Mindy and d2c use this
+ variable to locate various files.
+ DYLANPATH: The location of d2c libraries and Mindy *.dbc files. This
+ defaults to "$DYLANDIR/lib/dylan/$VERSION/$PLATFORM". You won't
+ normally need to set this unless you create more than one
+ directory of libraries.
+If you are on a platform with support for shared libraries, you'll
+need to make sure the libraries are found by the runtime
+linker. Details vary form system to system, but usually you need to
+set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to $DYLANPATH.
+The RPMS are allegedly relocatable. Tell us if it doesn't work.
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+Gwydion Dylan
+Gwydion Dylan provides a command-line Dylan compiler called d2c. It
+was originally written by the Gwydion Group at CMU as part of a
+research project studying advanced hypercode development
+environments. It is now maintained by a group of volunteers.
+To install Gwydion Dylan, take a look at the INSTALL file. For a brief
+overview, see the man pages dylan(7), gwydion(7), d2c(1), mindy(1),
+melange(1) and make-dylan-app(1).
+The following online resources are available:
+ Maintainers' website:
+ Mail to the maintainers:
+ Newsgroup: news:comp.lang.dylan
+ IRC: #dylan on freenode
+If you use Gwydion to any extent, you'll want subscribe to gd-hackers so
+you can ask questions and report the inevitable bugs. Send a message to with the word "subscribe" in the subject
+to subscribe. If you want to contribute code or documentation, we
+enthusiastically encourage you to do so.

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