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C-FFI interface generator for Open Dylan
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Latest commit b004ba2 @waywardmonkeys waywardmonkeys Map |char*| to <C-string>.
* melange-core/c-decl-state.dylan
  (initialize on <parse-file-state>): Create a fixed mapping for pointers
   to the char type so that they're mapped to <C-string>.

* tests/test.c_string: Basic test of <C-string> mapping.


melange is used to generate C-FFI bindings to libraries with a C API by parsing C header files.

melange was originally part of Gwydion Dylan. It has been converted to work with Open Dylan and c-ffi.


Be sure that you cloned this repository recursively or have otherwise initialized and updated the git submodules. This will not build without the submodules present.

dylan-compiler -build parsergen
_build/bin/parsergen melange-core/c-parse.input melange-core/c-parse.dylan
_build/bin/parsergen melange/int-parse.input melange/int-parse.dylan
dylan-compiler -build melange

You should be using Open Dylan 2012.1 or later.


The documentation for this tool is available at


Tests can be run via make check or just running within the tests directory.

Adding new tests is done by:

  • Create a new directory within tests whose name starts with test.. Directories that are not named appropriately won't be found by the test runner.
  • Within the new test directory, create test.intr which includes a C header file and defines an interface appropriate to test the desired features.
  • Within the new test directory, create expected.dylan which contains the Dylan that melange should generate from the test.intr.

You should avoid any platform-specific dependencies as much as possible within tests as the test runner assumes that all platforms will generate identical output.

See the existing tests for examples.

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