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Bug 7448: Fixed a few static file links and updated the README.

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1 parent 35ced2a commit 38ecf0a024264cc18fa6f4a20fc8bb06233fd48f @cgay cgay committed Sep 16, 2010
19 README.txt
@@ -3,24 +3,21 @@ This is the project library for the web site.
-* Modify the provided config.xml for your site.
-* Create symlinks for the wiki .dsp and static files.
- cd <your configured dsp root directory>
- ln -s .../trunk/libraries/network/wiki/dsp wiki
- ln -s .../trunk/libraries/network/wiki/www/style.css
- ...TODO: probably more...
- ln -s <wherever>/downloads (don't want to store these in svn)
+* Modify the provided config.xml for your site. The only changes
+ necessary SHOULD be to the "location" attributes of the config
+ elements.
* Build the opendylan-dot-org library
-* Start the server:
- opendylan-dot-org --config config.xml
+* Start the server. This is the way I do it on Mccarthy:
+ opendylan-dot-org --config /home/cgay/ --working-directory /home/cgay/trunk/libraries/network/
+* Add a config element for opendylan-dot-org so we don't depend on
+ the --working-directory command-line option.
* The links on the "downloading" page are all broken. Need to copy
the downloading directory or symlink to it.
4 dsp/
@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@ advanced features...</EM>
<P>Dylan is fast, flexible and capable of unusually sophisticated abstractions.
-The <a href="books/drm/">Dylan Reference Manual</a> defines the language
-standard and has an excellent <a href="books/drm/drm_7.html">overview</a> of
+The <a href="/books/drm/">Dylan Reference Manual</a> defines the language
+standard and has an excellent <a href="/books/drm/drm_7.html">overview</a> of
Dylan's features.</P>
<p>Some <a href="fragments">code examples</a> can give a quick feel for
4 dsp/
@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ language. Tutorials, introductions, articles.</p>
-<DT><STRONG><A HREF="books/drm/">Dylan Reference Manual</A></STRONG>
- (<A href="books/drm/drm_errata.html">Errata</A>)
+<DT><STRONG><A HREF="/books/drm/">Dylan Reference Manual</A></STRONG>
+ (<A href="/books/drm/drm_errata.html">Errata</A>)
<DD><P>The official definition of the Dylan language and standard library.</P>
4 dsp/
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ things, this might be a good place to start.</p>
programmers. It covers the diffences between Dylan and other popular
programming languages.</p>
-<dt><strong><a href="books/dpg/">Dylan Programming: An Object-Oriented and Dynamic Language</a></strong>
+<dt><strong><a href="/books/dpg/">Dylan Programming: An Object-Oriented and Dynamic Language</a></strong>
<dd><p>A good Dylan tutorial by several Harlequin employees.</p>
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ programming languages.</p>
<cite>develop</cite>. It covers classes, functions and modules, and
provides good examples.</p>
-<dt><strong><a href="books/drm/">The Dylan Reference Manual</a></strong>
+<dt><strong><a href="/books/drm/">The Dylan Reference Manual</a></strong>
<dd><p>The official Dylan reference, available online or as a
well-bound softcover book. If you're the type who likes to go right
2 dsp/
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ support on most platforms for dybug, a gdb wrapper that understands
Dylan, this can hardly be called elegant. But at least it's there.</li>
<li>d2c supports most of the Dylan language as specified in the
-<a href="books/drm/">Dylan Reference Manual</a> (DRM), but is lacking
+<a href="/books/drm/">Dylan Reference Manual</a> (DRM), but is lacking
support for some features, such as limited collections.</li>
14 dsp/
@@ -4,26 +4,26 @@
-<DT><STRONG><A HREF="images/vrml-viewer.png">VRML Viewer</A></STRONG>
+<DT><STRONG><A HREF="/static/images/vrml-viewer.png">VRML Viewer</A></STRONG>
<DD><P>This is a screenshot from our VRML viewer. This uses the OpenGL bindings for Dylan.</P>
-<DT><STRONG><A HREF="images/duim-gui-tests-gd236pr1.png">DUIM Test Suite</A></STRONG>
+<DT><STRONG><A HREF="/static/images/duim-gui-tests-gd236pr1.png">DUIM Test Suite</A></STRONG>
<DD><P>We are currently porting the DUIM (Dylan User Interface
Manager) and gtk-duim libraries (provided by Functional Objects) to
-Gwydion Dylan. (<A HREF="images/duim-gui-tests-hd12.png">This</A>,
+Gwydion Dylan. (<A HREF="/static/images/duim-gui-tests-hd12.png">This</A>,
compiled with Functional Developer (now called Open Dylan) and running on Win32, is what it
<EMPH>should</EMPH> look like.)</P>
-<DT><STRONG><A HREF="images/dylan-gtk-hello.png">Old Gtk+ demo from CVS</A></STRONG>
+<DT><STRONG><A HREF="/static/images/dylan-gtk-hello.png">Old Gtk+ demo from CVS</A></STRONG>
<DD><P>Gwydion can also be used to write simple Gtk+ programs.</P>
<P>The following screenshots demonstrate various ideas for a Gwydion IDE.
Please feel free to make your own suggestions.</P>
-<DT><STRONG><A HREF="images/browser-mockup.png">Gwydion Hypercode Browser mockup</A></STRONG> (Fake)
+<DT><STRONG><A HREF="/static/images/browser-mockup.png">Gwydion Hypercode Browser mockup</A></STRONG> (Fake)
<DD><P>We want our IDE to seemlessly browse code and documentation. You
should be able to right-click on a name and jump to the relevant
@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@ cross-referenced browsing</A>.</P>
<P>It wouldn't be impossible to make Gwydion browse C code, too--we
already have a working C parser written in Dylan.</P>
-<DT><STRONG><A HREF="images/browsers1.png">Apple Dylan editor</A></STRONG> (Real)
-<DT><STRONG><A HREF="images/browsers2.png">Apple Dylan class browser</A></STRONG> (Real)
+<DT><STRONG><A HREF="/static/images/browsers1.png">Apple Dylan editor</A></STRONG> (Real)
+<DT><STRONG><A HREF="/static/images/browsers2.png">Apple Dylan class browser</A></STRONG> (Real)
<DD><P>Apple Dylan provided a similar environment based on linked
panes. Gwydion would probably represent each pane as a browser window.</P>

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