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How to Contribute

If you are looking for ideas on how you can contribute to Open Dylan or what others might find useful, please see our list of projects in the Open Dylan wiki. If you have something in mind that isn't there, feel free to talk with us.

Making Changes

  • Fork the repository. You will need to have a GitHub account to do this.
  • Create a topic branch. (git checkout -t -b your-contribution)
  • Commit your changes to your branch with separate fixes in separate commits.
  • Push your changes to your fork on GitHub.
  • Submit a pull request with your changes.


  • You almost always want to branch from the master branch.
  • Update documentation as necessary. Also, if appropriate, update the release notes, samples and other supporting materials.
  • We suggest following this note about git commit messages.

Code Style

  • Follow the style guide for new code. When working in existing code, follow the existing style.
  • Do not do style or whitespace fixes in the same commit as other changes.
  • Be sure that your changes haven't introduced new unnecessary whitespace by checking with git diff --check.
  • We prefer spaces to tabs. We prefer 2 space indents.


In the near future, we will have our test suites working more reliably. We will also document the processes involved with updating and running tests.


All materials in this repository are licensed under the terms expressed in the current License.txt file.

We are not interested in incorporating any sourcecode using proprietary or copyleft-style licenses.

Open Dylan is under the collective ownership of the Dylan Hackers.

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