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+How to Contribute
+Making Changes
+* Fork the repository. You will need to have a GitHub
+ account to do this.
+* Create a topic branch.
+ (``git checkout -t -b your-contribution``)
+* Commit your changes to your branch with separate fixes
+ in separate commits.
+* Push your changes to your fork on GitHub.
+* Submit a pull request with your changes.
+* You almost always want to branch from the master
+ branch.
+* Update documentation as necessary. Also, if appropriate,
+ update the release notes, samples and other supporting
+ materials.
+Code Style
+* Follow the `style guide
+ <>`_
+ for new code. When working in existing code, follow the
+ existing style.
+* Do not do style or whitespace fixes in the same commit
+ as other changes.
+* Be sure that your changes haven't introduced new
+ unnecessary whitespace by checking with ``git diff --check``.
+* We prefer spaces to tabs. We prefer 2 space indents.
+In the near future, we will have our test suites working more
+reliably. We will also document the processes involved with
+updating and running tests.
+All materials in this repository are licensed under the terms
+expressed in the current ``License.txt`` file.
+We are not interested in incorporating any sourcecode using
+proprietary or copyleft-style licenses.

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