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Update contribution guidelines.

This points people at the more official document that was added
to better integrate with GitHub.

It also moves a couple of additional notes from the Hacker's Guide
to that more official document.
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commit e63025546272bebdf6a67ad9fd345b754c2b8cfc 1 parent 5cf225e
@waywardmonkeys waywardmonkeys authored
@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ Guidelines
* Update documentation as necessary. Also, if appropriate,
update the release notes, samples and other supporting
+* We suggest following `this note about git commit messages
+ <>`_.
Code Style
@@ -51,3 +53,5 @@ expressed in the current ``License.txt`` file.
We are not interested in incorporating any sourcecode using
proprietary or copyleft-style licenses.
+Open Dylan is under the collective ownership of the Dylan
23 documentation/hacker-guide/source/contribute.rst
@@ -2,6 +2,10 @@
How to contribute to Open Dylan
+Please read our `public guidelines
+for contributing.
Getting the Sources
@@ -19,22 +23,3 @@ To checkout the main "opendylan" repository::
You will want to fork this repository so you can push changes to your
fork and then submit pull requests.
-Before you commit
-- Please read the `Dylan style guide <../style-guide/index.html>`_
-- We use `Vincent Driessen's branching model
- <>`_ (see
- `gitflow <>`_ for tool integration)
- but we don't separate master from develop branch. Instead we develop
- in the master branch.
-- We also emphasize `this note about git commit messages
- <>`_
-- Open Dylan is distributed under the MIT license. We expect
- contributions to be the same.
-- Open Dylan is of collective authorship of the "Dylan Hackers".
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