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Laundry list from bugzilla #7472, lest it get lost.

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-* A way to ask for a list of suites/tests/checks, optionally matching a
- substring.
+* Testworks laundry list, from
-* A way to debug a specific suite/test/check. e.g., -debug "name of check"
+ + TDD support -- specifically, a way to mark tests as "expected to
+ fail" so that it's feasible to commit tests for code that is not
+ yet written.
-* Logging
+ + Better selection/filtering -- for example, a way to mark a test as
+ "commit", "regress", "pound", and a way to run a subset of those
+ tests. (Perhaps have a general mechanism for adding attributes to
+ tests and then selecting tests based on those attributes.)
-* -progress should display the test name BEFORE running it, not after.
- And the test name should include the test hierarchy in it.
+ + Support for parallel execution of suites and/or tests. For
+ example, by running subsets of tests in different threads or
+ processes. (There needs to be a way to mark a test as not being
+ parallelizable.)
-* Command line should use --foo style not -foo
+ + Call the teardown method if there's a failure in the setup method.
+ (I don't know whether Testworks does this or not, actually.)
-* Ability to have a unique directory per test. Logging should go to
- both a central log and to a log in the individual test directories.
- This can make it a lot easier to track down results for specific
- tests.
+ + Ability to (optionally) generate a per-test log file.
+ + Better reporting -- e.g., subunit/xunit output formats
+ + Don't crap all over the screen during a test run; use a log.
+ stdout should just display progress. (There could be an option
+ to have the current behavior.)
+ + Show -progress by default, and show it BEFORE starting each test.
+ Show timing for each test as well.
+ + Ability to parse previous test runs and compare to find
+ regressions. (Implies a standard place to store results, probably
+ svn.)
+ + Ability to re-run only the failures in a previous test run.
+ + Benchmark support should be integrated. e.g., just capture the
+ time it takes for every test and add it to the report rather than
+ defining separate benchmarks. Tracking test timings could be an
+ important way to find performance regressions.
+ + Add new assert-* macros that are similar to the existing check-*
+ macros but the description is optional. Although the description
+ can be a good thing, often it's unnecessary and redundant. For
+ example, if there's only one assertion in the test then it's
+ obvious which one failed. Assertions can also be auto-numbered
+ within a test and that number displayed in the error message.
+ When the assertion is in a loop, a message should be supplied by
+ the author, and we'll rely on their good taste to do that.
+ + Add config file support. It should be possible to use a config
+ file to specify most common options and then override those
+ options on the command-line where needed.
+ + Use the command-line-parser library instead of the current hand
+ hackery.
+ + These two additional restarts should always be available:
+ * Skip the remainder of this test
+ * Skip the remainder of this suite
+ + I really want hierarchical test names like suite1.suite2.test1
+ It's very convenient for UI purposes.
+ + The testworks-specs macros drive me crazy because it's hard to
+ tell/remember what the names of the tests they generate are.
+ + ``my-test-suite --list-tests`` and/or ``--list-suites`` and/or
+ ``--list-all`` (optionally matching a substring or regex).
+ + ``assert-every(f, collection)`` (and assert-none) might be useful.
+ There are a lot of tests in apply-dylan-test-suite that do
+ check-true("", every?(...)). This could improve the failure
+ message significantly.
+ + Ability to define tests and suites within another suite::
+ define suite top ()
+ suite subsuite-1;
+ suite subsuite-2 ()
+ test ...;
+ end suite subsuite-2;
+ test test-1;
+ test test-2 ()
+ assert-equal(2, 1 + 1);
+ end test test-2;
+ end suite top;
+ This would be backward compatible with current define suite.
+ + Merge testworks-specs and testworks-reports into testworks. One
+ thing to be aware of is dependencies this creates for building
+ testworks as part of Open Dylan.
+ + check/assert-equal could display a diff for any collection class.
+* Bruce Mitchener's wish list:
+ + For one, I'd like an HTML report with some fancy JS stuff in it to
+ make it easy to figure things out
+ + It should take a command line arg to log the output to a file
+ (right now you can't just redirect it)
+ + It should be documented how to diff reports
+ + We should have some sort of archive of them for released builds on
+ various platforms.
-* Gather timing and memory usage stats for all tests, not just
- benchmarks?

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