🚀 fucking fast file-manager
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fff (Fucking Fast File-Manager)


A [WIP] simple file manager written in bash.

  • It's Fucking Fast 🚀
  • Minimal (~100 lines of bash)
  • Smooth Scrolling (using vim keybindings)
  • File Operations (copy, paste, rename, cut, etc)
  • Basic Search


  • bash 3.2+
  • program handling (non-text): xdg-open (not needed on macos)
  • copying: cp
  • moving, renaming, trash: mv
  • creating dirs: mkdir


  1. fff or fff path/to/dir, fff ../../, fff /usr/share/
  2. optional: alias f="fff"



j: scroll down
k: scroll up
h: go to parent dir
l: go to child dir

enter: go to child dir

g: go to top
G: go to bottom

.: toggle hidden files
/: search
t: go to trash
~: go to home

[1-9]: favourites (see customization)

down:  scroll down
up:    scroll up
left:  go to parent dir
right: go to child dir

f: new file
n: new dir

y: mark copy
m: mark move
p: paste/move
r: rename
d: trash (~/.cache/fff/trash/)

q: exit


# Directory color [0-9]
export FFF_COL1=2

# Status color [0-9]
export FFF_COL2=7

# Selection color [0-9] (copied/moved files)
export FFF_COL3=6

# Text Editor
export FFF_EDITOR="vim" # alternative: export EDITOR="vim"

# File Opener
export FFF_OPENER="xdg-open"

# Favourites (keys 1-9) (dir or file)
export FFF_FAV1=~/projects
export FFF_FAV2=~/.bashrc
export FFF_FAV3=~/Pictures/Wallpapers/
export FFF_FAV4=/usr/share
export FFF_FAV5=/
export FFF_FAV6=
export FFF_FAV7=
export FFF_FAV8=
export FFF_FAV9=