@dylanaraps dylanaraps released this Jun 18, 2018 · 82 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


A lot of the script has been rewritten and all lint errors have been resolved. There's probably a few bugs so the version number has been bumped to 5.0. Expect a minor release in the coming days to fix any bugs that come up. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.


Operating System

  • Added support for Condres OS. @arisinfenix
  • Added support for RedCore Linux. @arisinfenix
  • Added support for Regata OS. @arisinfenix
  • Added support for ClearOS. @arisinfenix
  • Added support for PureOS.
  • Added support for Kibojoe Linux.
  • Added support for SharkLinux.
  • Added support for Linux Lite.
  • Added support for macOS 10.14 Mojave. @iandrewt


  • output: Added --json to output the info in json.
  • cursor: Fixed prompt location issues after Neofetch is run.
  • macOS: Fixed neofetch launching XQuartz.
  • misc: Removed uppercase().
  • misc: Removed all instances of export.
  • misc: Removed all deprecated options and functions.
  • info: Removed get_install_date().


  • Fixed a bug causing Windows 7 ASCII art to not display.
  • Simplified ASCII art handling.
  • Updated Funtoo ASCII art.


  • Improved performance of image handling.
  • Removed catimg support (It didn’t allow us to specify height so we
    couldn’t accurately place the cursor
  • Fixed tycat, sixel and kitty icat image sizes.
  • Simplified w3m-img code.


See: #1001

  • Removed screenshot functionality.
  • Removed screenshot upload functionality.


  • cpu: Remove extra call to uname.
  • cpu: Simplify core calculation.
  • disk: Clean up.
  • font: Fix iTerm2 checking for 2 extra profiles that don't exist. @iandrewt
  • gpu: Fixed ATI/AMD branding issue.
  • gpu: Removed glxinfo usage (too slow).
  • packages: Added support for flatpak. @konimex
  • packages: Added support for snap. @konimex
  • packages: Added used package managers to output (Packages: 900 (pacman, snap)).
  • packages: Fixed issues with pacman 5.1.
  • packages: Fixed issues with dpkg.
  • packages: Removed find usage.
  • packages: Removed ls usage.
  • packages: Removed wc -l usage.
  • song: Added support for gmusicbrowser. @arisinfenix
  • song: Added support for SMPlayer. @arisinfenix
  • song: Added support for Dragon Player. @arisinfenix
  • song: Fixed song detection on macOS.
  • song: Fixed song output on systems using C locale.
  • song: Added mpc_args to send additional arguments to mpc.
  • term_font: Clean up of config file handling.
  • resolution: Added support for xwininfo.