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Note: The prior releases today were accidental. This is the actual release. Sorry for the confusion.


This release fixes a wide range of bugs and adds some neat new features.
Scroll down to "highlights" to see the bigger changes from this release.
A big thank you to @konimex, @iandrewt and the contributors below who
kept development going during my absence.

Expect a minor bug fix release sometime this week as I'm sure new bugs
will come up. I've done extensive testing but things always slip through.


@konimex, @iandrewt, @arisinfenix, @xPMo, @nero, @alyssais,
@plgruener, @StarryTony, @julianaito, @HolyStephano,
@nikitenich, @Appadeia, @marlonn, @Snuggle, @Phuurl, @erikdubois

Breaking Changes

  • Config: Removed get_line_break().
    • Alternative: prin '\n'
    • Rationale: fix a bug that's been lingering for a couple of years now.


  • Added support for Bedrock Linux. @paradigm
  • Added support for Namib GNU/Linux. @arisinfenix
  • Added support for Reborn OS. @iandrewt
  • Added support for OpenMandriva Lx. @konimex
  • Added support for Star. @arisinfenix
  • Added support for BlueLight OS.
  • Added support for Huayra Linux.
  • Added support for Pentoo.


[ASCII] Added support for command output. You can now use whatever
terminal commands you like as the ASCII art.

# Use fortune and cowsay as ascii art.
neofetch --ascii "$(fortune|cowsay -W 30)"

# use figlet as ascii art.
neofetch --ascii "$(figlet -w 30 hello world)"


Added a new "simple" mode. You can now use neofetch for scripting
by getting it to output individual info functions in plain text.

# Example:
neofetch uptime --uptime_shorthand tiny
> uptime: 32m

# Example:
neofetch uptime disk wm memory
> uptime: 33 mins
> disk (/): 212G / 235G (96%)
> wm: Openbox
> memory: 1215MiB / 7881MiB

# This can be used in bars and scripts like so:
memory="$(neofetch memory)"; memory="${memory##*: }"

# For multiple outputs at once (each line of info in an array):
# Much faster than running neofetch multiple times.
IFS=$'\n' read -d "" -ra info < <(neofetch memory uptime wm)
info=("${info[@]##*: }")

Added new image backend chafa (--chafa)
which displays images in the terminal using unicode characters.

neofetch --chafa ~/Pictures/meow.jpg



  • Color Blocks: Fixed issue where disabling blocks caused an extra newline to appear.
  • Color Blocks: Color blocks now have their padding built in. No more need for get_line_break().
  • Song: Added snippet to display music player.
    • [[ $player ]] && prin "Music Player" "$player"
    • NOTE: Must have info "Song" song enabled.
  • Song: Added support for Netease Cloud.
  • Song: Fixed issues in various players. @arisinfenix @xPMo
  • Song: Fixed issues with non-English tags.
  • Song: Fixed issues with broken newlines.
  • Song: Fixed issues with Deadbeef.
  • Song: Fixed issues with qmmp.
  • Song: Removed gpmdp-remote support (unmaintained/no longer works).
  • Shell: Fixed output for mksh @nero
  • Packages: Added support for scoop. @Phuurl
  • Packages: Added support for puyo. @Appadeia
  • Packages: Added support for spm. @Appadeia
  • Packages [macOS]: Added detection of Nix @alyssais
  • Packages: Fixed packages from pkginfo (pkgutils) not appearing in CRUX/Janus Linux.
  • Terminal Font: Added support for Yakuake @plgruener
  • Terminal Font [Kitty]: Use kitty --debug-config to get font information.
  • Memory [Solaris]: Updated memory detection to use pages. @konimex
  • Memory: Added option to show memory percentage (--memory_percent).
  • Model [OpenBSD]: Added vmm (OpenBSD hypervisor) support @julianaito
  • Model [macOS]: Added VirtualSMC as a new FakeSMC alternative for Hackintosh. @nikitenich
  • WM: Added detection for FVWM. @julianaito
  • WM [OpenBSD]: Added a new ps_flags to correctly detect non-EWMH WMs. @julianaito
  • Disk [OpenBSD]: Added a separate disk array creation using awk since one cannot directly use /dev/... unless being root or in the operator group. @julianaito
  • Battery [OpenBSD]: Improve charge % and add status. Charlène
  • GPU [AMD]: Remove unnecessary check.
  • Public IP: Added configurable timeout to requests.
  • Resolution: If resolution is not found, don't print anything.


  • Fixed issues with various ASCII arts (namely the _small ones).
  • Added support for command output.
    • neofetch --ascii "$(fortune|cowsay -W 30)"
    • neofetch --ascii "$(figlet -w 30 hello world)"
  • Added small ArcoLinux logo. @erikdubois
  • Added new Lubuntu logo. @marlonn
  • Fixed a bug where ASCII logo changes the terminal foreground color. @plgruener
  • Fixed a bug when files named auto or ascii exist.
  • Do not parse file as ASCII if the source is an image file.


  • Added new image backend chafa (--chafa).
  • w3m: Fixed issues with URxvt and internal borders.
  • w3m: Fixed issues with URxvt and cursor position.
  • w3m: Fixed issue with bash 3.
  • macOS: Unset IFS to get window size. @StarryTony
  • Kitty: Use kitty +kitten icat instead of the deprecated kitty icat. @HolyStephano
  • Kitty: Update docs. @Snuggle
  • Thumbnails are high quality again.
  • Cached thumbnails are now stored with PATH to prevent collision issues.