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🖌️ pxltrm - [WIP] A pixel art editor inside the terminal
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A [WIP] pixel art editor inside the terminal.


pxltrm is a terminal pixel art editor written in pure bash. Draw pixel art without a mouse using intuitive hotkeys.

  • Fast (Less than 150 lines of pure bash).
  • Lightweight (Low on CPU/Memory usage).
  • Supports 256 color terminal palette.
  • Supports all hex colors (through true-color terminals).
  • Undo/Redo of open screens.
  • Save/Load screens.
  • View saved screens with cat.
  • Use any character or string as a brush.
  • Responds to window resize.
  • Vim hjkl movement.

Note: This is a work in-progress. When you break it, let me know!


  • bash 3.2+


  • Move pxltrm somewhere in your $PATH.


  • Export to plain text (chars + whitespace + colors)
  • Export to ppm or bpm.
  • Manual.


Donations allow me to spend more time working on pxltrm
and my other Open Source projects. If you like pxltrm and
want to give back in some way you can donate below.

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