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Send sequences to all open terminals.
import glob
import logging
import os
from .settings import CACHE_DIR, OS
from . import util
def set_special(index, color, iterm_name="h", alpha=100):
"""Convert a hex color to a special sequence."""
if OS == "Darwin" and iterm_name:
return "\033]P%s%s\033\\" % (iterm_name, color.strip("#"))
if index in [11, 708] and alpha != "100":
return "\033]%s;[%s]%s\033\\" % (index, alpha, color)
return "\033]%s;%s\033\\" % (index, color)
def set_color(index, color):
"""Convert a hex color to a text color sequence."""
if OS == "Darwin" and index < 20:
return "\033]P%1x%s\033\\" % (index, color.strip("#"))
return "\033]4;%s;%s\033\\" % (index, color)
def set_iterm_tab_color(color):
"""Set iTerm2 tab/window color"""
return ("\033]6;1;bg;red;brightness;%s\a"
"\033]6;1;bg;blue;brightness;%s\a") % (*util.hex_to_rgb(color),)
def create_sequences(colors, vte_fix=False):
"""Create the escape sequences."""
alpha = colors["alpha"]
# Colors 0-15.
sequences = [set_color(index, colors["colors"]["color%s" % index])
for index in range(16)]
# Special colors.
# Source:
# 10 = foreground, 11 = background, 12 = cursor foreground
# 13 = mouse foreground, 708 = background border color.
set_special(10, colors["special"]["foreground"], "g"),
set_special(11, colors["special"]["background"], "h", alpha),
set_special(12, colors["special"]["cursor"], "l"),
set_special(13, colors["special"]["foreground"], "j"),
set_special(17, colors["special"]["foreground"], "k"),
set_special(19, colors["special"]["background"], "m"),
set_color(232, colors["special"]["background"]),
set_color(256, colors["special"]["foreground"]),
set_color(257, colors["special"]["background"]),
if not vte_fix:
set_special(708, colors["special"]["background"], "", alpha)
if OS == "Darwin":
sequences += set_iterm_tab_color(colors["special"]["background"])
return "".join(sequences)
def send(colors, cache_dir=CACHE_DIR, to_send=True, vte_fix=False):
"""Send colors to all open terminals."""
if OS == "Darwin":
tty_pattern = "/dev/ttys00[0-9]*"
tty_pattern = "/dev/pts/[0-9]*"
sequences = create_sequences(colors, vte_fix)
# Writing to "/dev/pts/[0-9] lets you send data to open terminals.
if to_send:
for term in glob.glob(tty_pattern):
util.save_file(sequences, term)
util.save_file(sequences, os.path.join(cache_dir, "sequences"))"Set terminal colors.")