Code samples and demos for the Progressive.NET Tutorials 2016
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Code for @dylanbeattie's Asynchronous Programming Workshop

Progressive.NET Tutorials 2016

Workshop 1: Async and Await in .NET

  • Code is in the Housework project
  • It's a .NET console application that simulates... HOUSEWORK!
  • We're going to use async and await to model doing the cleaning whilst the washing machine and the tumble dryer are running
  • See how quickly you can complete the day's chores by making the cleaning tasks asynchronous - but no cheating!

Workshop 2: Promises in Javascript

You'll need a browser that supports JS Promises - example code has been tested in recent versions of Chrome and Firefox, so if it's not working for you try one of those.

  • Code is in the Keyquest project
  • Instructions are in /Content/keyquest.html

What else is here?

  • Single-threaded JavaScript demo (in Keyquest/Content/norris.html)
  • APM example (in the APM project)
  • BackgroundWorkerDemo (in the BackgroundWorkerDemo project)