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Dylan Beattie is a software developer and technical speaker.
He's been building web applications since the days of Windows NT 4;
today he works on HTTP APIs, UX design, and distributed systems.
Dylan lives and works in London and when he's not writing code
he plays guitar and writes songs.
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Dylan wrote his first web page in 1992 and never looked back. He's been
building data-driven web applications since the 1990s, and has worked on
everything from tiny standalone websites to complex distributed systems.
He's the CTO at [Skills Matter]( in London, he's a
[Microsoft MVP](, and
he regularly speaks at conferences and user groups, where he's spoken about
topics from continuous delivery and Conway's Law to the history of the web
and hypermedia APIs.
When he's not wrangling code, Dylan plays guitar and writes songs.
He's online at []( and on Twitter
as [@dylanbeattie](
- title: 250_word_bio
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Dylan Beattie is a systems architect and software developer, who has
built everything from tiny standalone websites to large-scale distributed
systems. He's currently the CTO at [Skills Matter](
in London, where he divides his time between working on their software platform,
supporting their conference and community teams, and speaking at various
conferences and events they organise in London. From 2003 to 2018, he worked
as webmaster, then IT Manager and then systems architect at [Spotlight](,
where his first-hand experience of watching an organisation and its codebase
evolve over more than a decade provided him with a unique insight into how
everything from web standards and API design to Conway's Law and recruitment
ends up influencing a company’s code and culture.
Dylan is actively involved in the international software development community.
As well as his work with Skills Matter, he runs the [London .NET User Group](,
he's served on the programme committee for conferences including [NDC London](,
[BuildStuff](, [FullStack](
and [ProgNET](, and he's a frequent speaker at conferences and
technical events around the world.
Dylan grew up in southern Africa, moving to the UK with his family when he was nine.
He's a [Microsoft MVP]( and
holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Southampton. He’s a guitar
player and songwriter, known for creating [musical parodies]( about software
development. He's into skiing, scuba diving, Lego, cats, travel and photography, and he's
often found hanging around user groups, pubs and rock bars in London wearing a big black hat.
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