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from const import *
import pickle
import torch
def update_lr(lr, optimizer, total_ite, lr_decay=LR_DECAY, lr_decay_tick=LR_DECAY_TICK):
""" Decay learning rate by a factor of lr_decay every lr_decay_ite iteration """
if total_ite % lr_decay_tick != 0 or lr <= 0.0001:
return lr, optimizer
print("[TRAIN] Decaying the learning rate !")
lr = lr * lr_decay
for param_group in optimizer.param_groups:
param_group['lr'] = lr
return lr, optimizer
def fetch_new_run(collection, fs, dataset, last_id, loaded_version=None):
""" Update the dataset with new run from the databse """
## Fetch new run in reverse order so we add the newest run first
new_run = collection.find({"id": {"$gt": last_id}}).sort("id", 1)
added_frames = 0
added_runs = 0
print("[TRAIN] Fetching: %d new run from the db"% (new_run.count()))
for run in new_run:
data = pickle.loads(fs.get(run['run']).read())
number_frames = dataset.update(data)
added_frames += number_frames
added_runs += 1
## You cant replace more than 40% of the dataset at a time
if loaded_version and added_frames >= SIZE or \
added_frames >= SIZE * MAX_REPLACEMENT and not loaded_version:
print("[TRAIN] Last id: %d, added runs: %d added frames: %d"\
% (last_id, added_runs, added_frames))
return last_id + added_runs
def create_optimizer(model, lr, param=None):
""" Create or load a saved optimizer """
if ADAM:
opt = torch.optim.Adam(model.parameters(), lr=lr, weight_decay=L2_REG)
opt = torch.optim.SGD(model.parameters(), lr=lr, \
weight_decay=L2_REG, momentum=MOMENTUM)
if param:
return opt
def create_state(current_version, lr, total_ite, optimizer):
""" Create a checkpoint to be saved """
state = {
'version': current_version,
'lr': lr,
'total_ite': total_ite + 1,
'optimizer': optimizer.state_dict()
return state