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Version 28 (not released):

Version 27:

  • Fix: Quality in naming options not working correctly.
  • Fix: Config not working in IE.
  • Fix: No more "page not found"-errors in log.
  • More

Version 26:

  • New: Preferred words for searching in "Settings >> General".
  • New: Download meta-data. Poster, fanart, .nfo file.
  • New: XBMC Notifications.
  • Enhancement: Ability to disable the updater.
  • Enhancement: Better movie detection when renaming.
  • Enhancement: Settings page instead of popup.
  • Enhancement: R5 DVD-R is allowed
  • Enhancement: Added and to renaming filenames.
  • Fix: Don't autofill usernames and passwords.
  • Fix: Updated updater for new GitHub download page layout.
  • Fix: Images from TheMovieDB couldn't be downloaded.
  • Fix: OpenSubtitle didn't always stay logged in.
  • Fix: Move .idx files along with .sub files.
  • And a lot more fixed here

Version 25:

  • New: Subtitles support using SubScene and OpenSubtitles
  • Enhancement: Link to Changelog when new Windows Build is available.
  • Enhancement: Better logging class.
  • Enhancement: SQLAlchemy updated to 0.6.4, removed unused code.
  • Enhancement: Optimized PNGs, Movie list and CSS.
  • Enhancement: Movie manage page, beginning.
  • Enhancement: Mootools 1.3
  • Fix: needs API-key for RSS check.
  • Fix: Don't bug out the search on invalid RSS feed.

Version 24:

  • Enhancement: Use movie object to get extra movie information on startup.
  • Fix: Would quit on startup, because of invalid tMDB xml.

Version 23:

  • New: support
  • Enhancement: "Scroll to top"-button
  • Enhancement: Score points for AC3 and DTS
  • Enhancement: Ability to re-add nzb/torrent and search for other version to download
  • Enhancement: Rename trailer on overwrite with better quality
  • Enhancement: Renamer, change word seperator to space, dash or dot
  • Enhancement: Ability to disable providers
  • Enhancement: Mark existing non-renameable downloads with EXISTS
  • Fix: Better link to wanted, snatched downloaded
  • Fix: Changed default BR-Rip maximum size
  • Fix: Strip config string values
  • Fix: Strip http:// off of host, if necessary
  • Fix: Removed duplicate ETA search
  • Fix: Ignore empty "ignore words"
  • Fix: Use lowercase for better quality guessing
  • Fix: Allow 720p in BR-Rip searches
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