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2.4.6 / 2011-08-22

  • Fixed multiple param callback regression. Closes #824 [reported by TroyGoode]
  • Merge branch 'master' of
  • fixed some tests
  • Merge pull request #821 from pikeas/patch-1 Fixing typo: interacte -> interact
  • Fixing typo: interacte -> interact
  • local -> localhost most people wont have things set up the same as me so this is probably not a good idea :D
  • mime 1.2.2 dep
  • connect 1.6.2 dep
  • Added logger() to generated express(1) app
  • Added make benchmark for experimental continuous-benchmarking tool
  • Release 2.4.5

2.4.5 / 2011-08-19

  • removed dynamicHelpers
  • removed app.helpers() use app.locals()
  • haha...
  • changed -css, --template to --stylus, --ejs we can add more as we go
  • rewrote express(1) to use commander.js
  • fixed res.sendfile() 404 support
  • build on top of res.sendfile() like it should have always been
  • make res.sendfile() more like Closes #774
  • refactored res.sendfile()
  • OCD
  • Refactored Route to use a single array of callbacks
  • fixed route error handlers when errors are thrown
  • Added support for routes to handle errors. Closes #809 currently only the route end-point callbacks support this, however this will change in the near future to support route middleware etc
  • Added shorthand for the parsed request's pathname
  • Merged basepath setting. Closes #813
  • qs >= 0.3.1
  • use nextRoute() internally
  • Changed: removed .call(self) for route callbacks not sure why we had this, ive never even used it and the tests dont cover it, and its slower
  • Added app.routes.all(). Closes #803 not a huge fan of this API-wise, but at least it is something for now
  • Fixed res.redirect() on windows due to join() usage. Closes #808
  • russian docs
  • link to russian docs booyah!
  • Added support for multiple callbacks for app.param(). Closes #801 you can also make several calls to app.param() for the same param name, which is equivalent to passing multiple in a single call
  • added another test
  • Added test for app.param(fn)
  • expose list of http methods supported
  • Added res.get(field) as an alternative to res.header(field)
  • Added res.set(field, val) as an alternative to res.header()
  • another sidebar
  • sidebar example
  • better layout control example
  • fixed app.locals precedence
  • Removed default local "app"
  • make req.notify() arity based
  • prepping blog example for new express
  • use "dev" logger in blog example

2.4.4 / 2011-08-05

  • Changed res.{send,json}() status code to the first arg at all times
  • docs
  • Refactored res.header()
  • added header.jade to jade example
  • semi
  • Refactored req.accepts()
  • more tests
  • Merge branch 'integration'
  • specialcase .:format routing to not include a dot in the capture group
  • Fixed 204 / 304 responses
  • Changed res.send(null) responds with empty string previously you would just get "null", which is fine for res.json() but probably not the best result for res.send()
  • fixed a response test
  • fixed a jade test
  • more tests for routing
  • renamed a test
  • Merge branch 'master' of
  • Fix the behavior for setting up routes with * in them.
  • Merge pull request #777 from purohit/master Simple misspelling fix.
  • Fixing the misspelling of "manor" with "manner" in the 4 places it occurs.
  • added express-resource to readme
  • tweak generated stylus
  • Fixed [23]04 support
  • Added route-loading example for another route loading technique using the vm module you can expose the route files at the root level which IMO is nicer than module.exports = function(app){ etc
  • node >= 0.4.9 < 0.7.0 for now
  • 3.0.0alpha1 soon mainly so windows users can start playing around with express, i will have a ton of these alphas
  • update jade dev dep
  • qs >= 0.3.0
  • Removed req.flash() references it will be req.notify(), req.session.notifications etc
  • refactored res.redirect() slightly
  • Changed res.{cookie,clearCookie}() return res
  • another example
  • Added req.notify() alias of req.flash()
  • refactored req.flash()
  • refactored req.param()
  • examples
  • Renamed app.flashFormatters to app.formatters
  • Added NaN flash formatter
  • Merge branch 'remove-header-fields'
  • fixed tests
  • chainable res.header()
  • fixed some tests
  • Removed header field support
  • removed old dynamic helper logic from the view system
  • precedence test
  • view system utilizing app.locals
  • Changed app.locals to match res.locals
  • Removed app.dynamicLocals(). Closes #756
  • utilize connects new query() middleware
  • Replaced res.local[s]() with res.locals function. Closes #757
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