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Upcoming / 2011-08-23

  • Support using 'node npm.js blah'
  • Close #1299 Don't catch silently
  • Don't make the first arg always an array.
  • Ensure that npm.commands functions always called with an args array
  • Call the cb to prefix, root, and bin with the printed value
  • Add user info to 'scripts' helpdoc
  • Fix #1296 Better messaging on bad url configs
  • Add git url info
  • Close #1284 Make EPIPE less noisy

1.0.26 / 2011-08-17

  • v1.0.26
  • Preserve other members of command functions
  • Friendlier 'npm.install(foo)' for repl poking.
  • Fix #1272 Better first-class citizenship for git urls
  • Re #1269 Install into DESTDIR if set

1.0.25 / 2011-08-15

  • Support removing non-existent users from package manatainer lists
  • Provide default cb if none supplied Make it much nicer to poke around on the repl. The default callback function just dumps the data or error to stdout or stderr.
  • v1.0.25
  • Use the non-delta uri for inital search index build
  • Don't set agent:false if http2 is in use

1.0.24 / 2011-08-010

  • v1.0.24
  • Force exit. Temporary workaround for Linux rimraf timeout issue. TODO: Fix properly.

1.0.23 / 2011-08-07

  • update which (trivial)
  • debuggery
  • v1.0.23
  • Remove base64 module. Just use the Buffer directly
  • .js extensions on require() calls in npm.js
  • Abstract out 'which'
  • make doc
  • Remove minimatch.js, using dep now
  • Handle git+ urls in the name@url case
  • Close #1225 Add git url support. Experimental
  • unbreak ini stuff. no longer using '-' key
  • Use standalone ini parser
  • Add proto-list as dep and submodule
  • update rimraf
  • Allow private per-package confs Just prefix them with a _. Transparent to the receiving module.
  • Use rimraf instead of local thing
  • fixup rimraf
  • Add rimraf submodule
  • minor faq fixes
  • Put .js on filenames
  • Question about Capitalization
  • Close #1235 Swap out unicode tree chars
  • Better error handling for adduser
  • undefined log message error
  • Setting the host there is the wrong thing to do
  • Set host header explicitly
  • Clean up and refactor the oversized npm.load function
  • Close #1214 Don't create an invalid engine range
  • newloctimeout should not be a global.
  • Revert "Check hostkey fingerprints when registry is https" This reverts commit ca52fe6045d6acf37597c66d30b5c2d490b07f79.
  • Check hostkey fingerprints when registry is https
  • Add a --yes config flag (with -y and -n shorthands)
  • Fix invalid array length when no search hits found
  • Confusion about args vs conf
  • Report 404 errors properly with non-vhosted registries
  • Closes #1199 Support 'npm unpublish .'
  • Close #1068 Add header to search output
  • Re #1196 Warn on non-array 'files' in json
  • slide@1.1.3
  • Support npm_debug env in install script
  • Default prefix to PREFIX environ if set
  • No need to clean cache as often, makes search slow
  • Clearer messaging of cleanup prefix
  • Prefer https:// to git:// for github urls
  • Close #1187 Use https:// for submodules instead of git://
  • Remove mkdir walk log, add cache.add install log

1.0.22 / 2011-07-24

  • v1.0.22
  • Exit with the proper code on failure

1.0.21 / 2011-07-24

  • v1.0.21
  • docs got messed up somehow
  • v1.0.20
  • doa bug, annoying.

1.0.19 / 2011-07-23

  • v1.0.19
  • Close #1175 Add --production flag
  • Better checks for proper gid/uid in mkdir
  • Add a bunch of logging and commentary for #1153
  • Update semver to 1.0.9
  • s/sys/util/g finally
  • remove async-map file
  • Use asyncMap from slide module
  • Use chain function from slide module
  • Add slide as dep
  • Abstract out graceful-fs
  • Add Felix Geisendörfer
  • Add tildes for >=0.1.0, not 1.0.0
  • Only use tilde range descriptor when package >=1.0 Problem: When using install --save, npm prefixed the installed package version with the tilde range descriptor. This makes sense for packages that follow semver and have reached 1.0.0. But for packages < 1.0.0 semver allows APIs to change freely, so those should be packaged with the exact version that was installed, as implemented by this patch.
  • --save to devDependencies when --dev is set
  • Clear caches on DELETE better.
  • Don't scrub the cache on publish. Unnecessary
  • filter out the _etag, and use couch 1.1 'update_after'
  • It is time. Allow https for node >= 0.4.9
  • Add Trent Mick
  • Fix #1163: breakage on ancient /bin/sh

1.0.18 / 2011-07-19

  • v1.0.18
  • Print a warning when the search index builds for the first time
  • Make search ridiculously fast. Mad props to @JasonSmith, @janl, @mikeal, and @maxogden for chipping in with various CouchDB skillz and insights. This is really awesome.
  • Make searches a little faster
    1. Even if the data is stale, use it, and then fetch the update.
    2. Tell couch to do the same.
  • require.paths is gone
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