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Finally see what's changed when you do npm update. Changelog generates a changelog for npm modules and github repos.
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Changelog is a command line utility (and module) that generates a changelog in markdown, json, or color output for Node modules in npm and any public repo.

Command-line Usage

Node Modules in NPM

Modules do not need to be installed locally to get a changelog but they must define their repository url in their package.json.

Example using Express

$ changelog {npm module name} [options]

npm module: The module name, such as express.

Any Public Repository

Example using Bootstrap from Github

$ changelog { repo url} [options] repo url: Urls can be any format, such as or or even just


  • -c, --color Output as Color (default)
  • -m, --markdown Output as Github-flavored Markdown (default when piping to a file)
  • -j, --json Output as JSON
  • -d, --debug Enable debugging
  • -h, --help Display help and usage details


Using npm just do:

$ npm-g install changelog

The -g installs changelog globally so you can use changelog anywhere.


To make sure you have the latest version:

$ npm-g update

More Examples

Changelog API

Changelog can be easily integrated into other tools.

var Changelog = require('changelog');

Changelog.npm('request', callback);
Changelog.github('joyent/node', callback);

function callback(err, data) {

    //Check err for errors or just throw
    if (err) throw err;

    //With npm each "version" corresponds to all changes for that build pushed on npm
    //With github each "version" is one GMT day of changes
    data.versions.forEach(function(version) {
        console.log(version.version); //currently npm projects only
        console.log(;    //JS Date

        //version.changes is an array of commit messages for that version
        version.changes.forEach(function(change) {
            console.log(' * ' + change);

    //Information about the project

How it works


  • Support paging Github's API to aquire more than 100 commits.
  • Ability to set the start and end version.
  • Use Git tags to detect versions (waiting for Github to fix Issue #17).
  • Add header and/or footer to the output with module name, contributors, etc.

Want to help?

I love merging in pull requests.

  • Support for brew and gem?
  • Integrate into npm update?
  • Create a git pull shortcut?


Dylan Greene built this because he was always curious what was changed when doing npm update. This module is inspired by but not related to TheChangelog.

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