Finally see what's changed when you do npm update. Changelog generates a changelog for npm modules and github repos.
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Generates a changelog formated in your choice of color, markdown, or json for any npm module or repo.

Command-line Usage


$ changelog {npm module name} [options]

npm module: The module name, such as express. Works on any npm module with a repo specified in the module's package.json.

github repo url

$ changelog { repo url} [options] repo url: Urls can be any format, such as or or even just


  • -c, --color Output as Color (default)
  • -m, --markdown Output as Github-flavored Markdown
  • -j, --json Output as JSON
  • -d, --debug Enable debugging
  • -h, --help Display help and usage details


Node Package

$ changelog request --markdown

Upcoming / 2011-08-02

  * Merge pull request #53 from benatkin/parse-json
    Parse json: Issue #51
  * support JSON APIs that don't set the write content type
  * allow empty string
  * implement parsing json response when json is truthy
  * add failing test for issue #51
  * Clearer spacing. Slightly more consistent.
  * Style fixes. Bye Bye semi-colons. Mostly lined up with npm style.
  * Return destination stream from pipe().

2.0.1 / 2011-07-21

  * Drastically improved header handling.
  * valid semver.

2.0.0 / 2011-07-21

  * w00t! request 2.0
  * If the error is handled and not throw we would still process redirects.
    Fixes #34.
  * Add body property to resp when we have it as a shorthand. fixes #28
  * Adding reference to Request instance on response to make it easier on
    inline callbacks. fixes #43.

---cut for space---

Github Repo

$ changelog --markdown


  * windows: Fix test-module-load-list
  * Remove debug code
  * child_process_uv: Handle spawn errors
  * Upgrade libuv to 023f99a


  * link to rpcrt4 and ole32 on win32
  * Upgrade libuv to e9bee51
  * child_process_uv: fix test/simple/test-child-process-env
  * child_process_uv: fix simple/test-child-process-cwd
  * child_process_uv: add exec, fix simple/test-child-process-exec-cwd
  * Forgot to add child_process_uv.js
  * initial pass at lib/child_process_uv.js

  ---cut for space---

Changelog API

Changelog can be easily integrated into other tools.

var Changelog = require('changelog');

Changelog.npm('request', callback);
Changelog.github('joyent/node', callback);

function callback(err, data) {

    //Check err for errors or just throw
    if (err) throw err;

    //With npm each "version" corresponds to all changes for that build pushed on npm
    //With github each "version" is one GMT day of changes
    data.versions.forEach(function(version) {
        console.log(version.version); //currently npm projects only
        console.log(;    //JS Date

        //version.changes is an array of commit messages for that version
        version.changes.forEach(function(change) {
            console.log(' * ' + change);

    //Information about the project

How it works


  • Work with more package managers such as brew and gem? These are beyond my expertise but I would be happy to merge in pull requests.
  • Integrate into npm update?
  • Integrate into git pull?
  • Warn when there are more than 100 commits available.
  • Support paging Github's API to aquire more than 100 commits.
  • Additional output options: --rss --atom --html
  • Option to show code diff.
  • Ability to set the start and end version.
  • Use Git tags to detect versions
  • Add examples
  • Add header and/or footer to the markdown output
  • If the package.json does not have a propper repoistory link then show the author's name and email and suggest contacting the author.


Using npm just do:

$ npm-g install changelog

The -g installs changelog globally so you can use the changelog command anywhere.


To make sure you have the latest version: $ npm-g update


Dylan Greene built this because he was always curious what was changed when doing npm update. This module is inspired by but not related to TheChangelog.