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tol-node-public (TNP) - for game developers

IMPORTANT: Use this for SNIPPETS, not to actually clone. This is meant for example-use and sharing chunks of code that may help you do what you want. This repo is no longer maintained as of 7/5/2017 ~ it should still serve of use for years to come :)


Although it's highly recommended to just pull SNIPPET EXAMPLES from here since it's experimental and an on-going WIP, if you're still daring enough to clone, good luck - here are some basic instructions:

  1. Edit "rename_me_to_secret-keys.json" file in /tol2/data/ and replace placeholder values.
  2. Rename "rename_me_to_secret-keys.json" to "secret-keys.json" and fill in your secret keys (remember the key names)
  3. SSL/TLS (https) is required for out-of-box use: Copy your cert.pem and key.pem files to /tol2/ssl/
  4. Navigate to /tol2/ and type sudo npm install --save to install the req's /tol2/node_modules/ dir)
  5. I use 'npm run dev' for debugging and 'npm run forever' for production.


package.json comes with two "dev" scripts - run via npm run <script_name>:

  1. forever - type sudo npm run forever to run forever+nodemon together to keep your app going and restart on changes, automatically.
  2. kill - type sudo npm run kill to kill forever+nodemon. TODO: Don't kill everything, be selective.
  3. restart - calls npm kill, then npm forever
  4. dev - Debugging mode

PlayFab Example:


//'/loginwithpf', cors(corsOptions), (req, res) => {
    // Init
    PFInitPost(req, '/loginwithpf');

    // Send
    PlayFabClient.LoginWithPlayFab(req.body, (err, data) => {
        PFGenericCallback(res, err, data);

Mailchimp Example:


// REGISTER'/register', cors(corsOptions), (req, res) => {
    // Init
    MCInitPost(req, '/register');
    var email = req.body["email"];
    var username = req.body["username"];
    var emailMd5 = GetMd5(email);
    var url = `/lists/${i42ListId}/members/${emailMd5}`;

    console.log("MC: PUT >> " + url);
    mailchimp.put(url, {
        "email_address": email,
        "status": "pending",
        "merge_fields": {
            "EMAIL": email,
            "UNAME": username
    }, (err, data) => {
        // Generic callback + res
        mcGenericCallback(err, data, req, res);

Other examples

Coming Soon™


  • This is a template/wrapper for PlayFab with some experiments of other useful/relevant features.
  • This repo may or may not be updated/monitored by me. If you want authority for pull requests and I've been slack, let me know~

Like what you see?

Support my game and I'll call that a thanks ;D




2017: Vanilla ES5+ Experimental API for gamedevs, including PlayFab, MailChimp, SparkPost, Stripe, and Discord integrations




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