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Snitch is Twitch, for snitches. This is an out of the box Elixir/Phoenix application.

This application uses Mux Live Stream and Phoenix Live View.

Getting started

To start your Phoenix server:

  • Install dependencies with mix deps.get
  • Create and migrate your database with mix ecto.setup
  • Install Node.js dependencies with cd assets && npm install
  • Create a .env file based on .env.sample
  • Start Phoenix endpoint with the environment variables loaded source .env && mix phx.server

Now you can visit localhost:4000 from your browser.

Ready to run in production? Please check our deployment guides.


This is a straight-forward Elixir/Phoenix application so it should be deployable like any other Phoenix application.

Currently, the demo is deployed using gigalixir. If you deploy there make sure you set the environment variables that are defined in .env.sample.

For production you will also need to add a HOST_NAME= environment variable. This is the host for where the application is deployed, without the protocol (example:

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