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Dylan's Minetest Mods - two small mods for Minetest


This mod causes some placed blocks to rot or decay, transforming into another type of node or disappearing entirely. This forces survival players to "maintain" their buildings, and encourages them to build them out of sturdier, longer lasting (and harder to obtain) materials as they progress. The toughest materials (brick, forged stone, obsidian glass etc) will not decay.


This mod tweaks a variety of small things in the default game; makes this or that a little more realistic/harder/easier/more useful etc.

Summary of changes:

  • Wooden Axe/Pickaxe less effective & break faster for some realism. (use them only at the start to get some stone to make better tools).
  • Chopping trees with stone axe is now much faster than doing it by hand.
  • Tree blocks (regular and jungle) fall down like sand/gravel.
  • 6 Dirt can be used to craft a clay lump.
  • A tree or jungle tree can be smelted to create a (char)coal lump.
  • More items can be used as fuel in the furnace (e.g. dry shrubs)
  • Lava sources play fire sound [Somewhat buggy]