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This mod tweaks a variety of small things in the default game; makes this or
that a little more realsitic/harder/easier/more useful etc.


Tool Changes:
    - Wooden Axe/Pickaxe less effective & break faster for some realism.
      (use them only at the start to get some stone to make better tools).
    - Chopping trees with stone axe is faster.

Crafting changes:
    - Stone brick recipe makes 2 stonebrick block instead of one.
    - Sand-stone brick recipe makes 2 instead of one.
    - 6 Dirt can be used to craft a clay lump:
            Dirt    Dirt    Dirt
            Dirt    Dirt    Dirt

Smelting changes:
    - A tree or jungle tree can be smelted to create a (char)coal lump.
	- More items can be used as fuel in the furnace:
	  Dry shrub, all flowers, wooden door/ladder/fence, bookshelf.

Other changes:
    - Lava sources play fire sound [Somewhat buggy]
Optional game-changing changes:
    - Tree blocks (regular and jungle) fall down like sand/gravel. [TODO:
      (This makes it much easier to fell trees, especially jungle trees)

- Wooden stairs and slab are usable as fuel.
- Flowers can be "dug" instantly.
- Chopping trees w/o axe takes MUCH longer.
- Digging w/o shovel takes longer.
- Fire turns glass into fragments.

Too complex for this mod?:
- Leaves fall from a tree when decaying.
- Wool can be made into slabs (for carpets/blankets/chairs/etc)


Default and the following included in the default minetest_game:
Flower, Fire, Doors, Slab, Stair

- https://github.com/CasimirKaPazi/stoneage