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This mod causes some placed blocks to rot or decay, transforming into another
type of node or disappearing entirely. This forces survival players to
"maintain" their buildings, and encourages them to build them out of sturdier
(and harder to obtain) materials.

Some items (such as woods) rot fairly quickly, others (like sandstone,
cobblestone and sand-glass) take a long time, and the sturdiest (all
brick/metal/crystal/obsidian-glass blocks). Thus players will tend to replace
their initial buildings with tougher ones as the game progresses.

List of Decaying blocks:

The "days" listed here are very approximate.

- Wood block/slab/stair --[1-4 days]-> [destroyed]
- Cobblestone block/stair --[5-12 days]-> Gravel
- Cobblestone slab --[5-12 days]-> [destroyed]
- Glass (regular) --[1-12 days]-> [destroyed]
- Sandstone --[3-8 days]-> Sand

All other blocks do NOT decay.

- Wool --[1-4 days]-> [destroyed]
- Adjust decay rates based on position (e.g. if the node is sheltered by a roof
  or near water...)
- Glass -> Glass fragments
- Wood block/slab/stair -> Rotten wood block/slab/stair
			-> <disappears soon after>
			- TODO: Needs texture for rotten block/slab/stair
- Cobblestone -> (long time) Gravel -> ???
	- Slabs just disappear. Steps turn into gravel too.
- Wool -> <disappears>
- Sandstone -> (long time) sand -> ????
- Cobble interacts with cobble/rocks mod to produce rock item instead?

Optional plant decay:
- All trees/leaves/farm plants/flowers/ground flora also rarely
  decays/dies. Most disappear, except trees are replaced with
  "Rotting trunk" (does nothing).
- Tree trunks drop down like gravel/sand. ???

Optional Torch Decay:
- Torches -> Unlit torch, disappears or starts fire (very rarely)
- To compensate for expendable torches, "charcoal" can be furnaced
  from a Tree/Jungle Tree -> Coal lump
	- The glowstone mod is recommended as well, so you can craft
	  permanent light sources from mese.

- Decay wooden items such as fences/ladders/doors?
	- Recommended for use with a mod that provides stone/metal versions of