Assorted Android Python scripts using SL4A
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Dylan's SL4A Scripts

All of these are written in Python and not packaged as APKs, so you will need Scripting Layer for Android and the Python interpreter to run them.

You may or may not need to rename them to end in .py to get your device to pick them up as scripts.

Via a list dialog, quickly toggle bluetooth, silent mode, airport mode, screen timeout and so on.
Tells you the name and IP address of all active network interfaces.

Quick and dirty script to serve the sdcard over HTTP.

Obviously a security issue as anyone with access to the device IP can read everything on it, so be careful. Possibly useful for a quick backup of a device or other file transfers when you can't use a better system.

See Also

My todo script Rastodo supports SL4A and will use it to create the GUI if run on Android.