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A React web app for tracking dog care
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doggo: Dog care tracker

Basic Functionality / Pseudocode

  • Done: User creates dog-related actions they want to track (action name, short description)
    • Done: Action displays name, short description, "Last completed" date
    • Done: Can delete actions
  • Done: When an action is clicked, store the timestamp and add the completed action to the log
  • Done: User can view their dog log - complete history of actions, separated by day, reverse chronological order
    • Done: Can also view a log by action (e.g. log of all the times the dog was fed)
  • Done: Persistent data stored, loaded, and updated with Firebase

Parked Issues

  • Delete control icon is off-centre in history view only
  • Inconsistent prop naming when passing to child components


  • Transitions
    • Subtle fade effects when mounting/unmounting components
  • User/password sign up and login
    • Should link up with federated identities (Google Sign-In)
    • Should allow password reset
  • User 'creates' dog(s) (name, breed, age)
  • Share + collaborate on a dog with another user (Invite process & shared data access)
  • Allow 'archiving' and 'unarchiving' of actions (don't delete your actions, just hide from view until you want to continue tracking it)
  • Done: Allow deletion of logs
  • Done: User logs in with Google account
  • Done: Private user data (each logged in user manages their own dogs)
  • Done: Instructions
    • Done: When no actions exist, should guide the user on how to create
    • Done: When no history exists (no action have been completed), should guide the user on how to add to the history
  • Done: Asynchronous events
    • Done: Show loader while retrieving auth information
    • Done (simplified): Add loading animations for all API requests
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