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This repository contains a Homebrew formula for installing the Google App Engine SDK with some custom patches. It will be kept up to date with the latest SDK version that is known to be acceptable for Khan Academy development. It does not conflict with existing installations of the mainline google-app-engine formula, but only one of these can be brew link'd at a time so you may want to brew remove it anyway.

Issues and pull requests gladly accepted, and feel free to steal these patches for use in a non-Homebrew setup.


Important: If you have ever used, you might have *.py symlinks to it in /usr/local/bin that must be deleted before Homebrew will link this formula correctly.

Important: If you have previously installed the SDK via Homebrew, you'll need to unlink it: brew unlink google-app-engine


pip install pyobjc-framework-FSEvents  # KA folks: `make deps` will do this
brew tap dylanvee/gae_sdk
brew install gae-sdk

Included patches

task-queue-hostnames.patch: Fixes task queues on SDK version 1.8.x when using Nginx as a reverse proxy. Works by assigning task queue requests with an unrecognized Host header to the default instance instead of dropping them.

watcher-skip-files.patch: Modifies the mtime polling based file watcher to be aware of the skip_files directives in your app.yaml.

fsevents-file-watcher.patch: Restores the FSEvents-based file watcher for Mac OS X. See the comment at the bottom of google/appengine/tools/devappserver2/ for information about its limitations and why it was originally removed from the SDK.

fix-getaddrinfo-proto.patch: Fixes an issue where the SDK's WSGI server can sometimes fail with the error "Unable to find a consistent port localhost" when starting up.

fsevents-ignore.patch: Makes the aforementioned FSEvents-based file watcher ignore the directories (e.g. ".git") and file extensions (e.g. ".pyc") listed in

ignore-genfiles.patch: Adds "genfiles" (a Khan Academy-specific build artifact directory) to the aforementioned list of ignored directories.