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oh-api-csharp is a C# wrapper for the Open Hosting API. It enables you to perform useful actions against the main components of the Open Hosting cloud platform: drives, servers, and resources. Using the library you could, for example, dynamically increase the cpu and memory of a specific server, increase the size of an ssd, or spin up new servers as needed.

The Open Hosting API is itself an implementation of the ElasticHosts API. Its documentation is slightly more complete.

Also check out the Ruby implementation.


  1. Obtain your Open Hosting API credentials. They can be found by logging in at Open Hosting, clicking on Profile, and then clicking on the Authentication tab.

  2. Add your OH credentials to your project's app.config.

    <add key="OHUserId" value="[your-user-id]" />
    <add key="OHSecretKey" value="[your-secret-key]" />
  3. See the ConsoleTester application for basic usage examples.

Help Out

oh-api-csharp is a work in progress. I have the drives component complete, and I am current working on servers. Feel free to fork the repo and contribute!