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repomon is a simple script designed to monitor various remote repositories and
notify you when there are updates.  It supports git, subversion, mercurial,
maybe more in the future.

It reads ~/.repomon.rc (can be overridden on the command line with -c), which
lists one repository per line in the following format (delimited by

identifier	protocol	url	[-bt] arguments...

	identifier:	any unique identifier
	protocol:	git, hg, or svn
	url:		url of repository
	arguments:	branch name (where relevant) or
			-b branch glob pattern
			-t tag glob pattern

Blank lines and those beginning with # are ignored.

When repomon is run, it prints (on stdout) any new activity in the repositories
specified.  For example, you may want a cron job like this:

0 6 * * * repomon

For now the output is very minimal (basically just revision numbers), and
there's no output if nothing has changed.  The (human-readable) state is stored
in ~/.repomon.state (override with -s).


# watch for any new commits to subversion itself (branch is just appended to url):
subversion svn trunk
# watch for any new commits to the linux 2.6 stable branch:
linux-stable git git:// stable
# watch for any new branch in the linux 2.6 stable repo:
linux-rel git git:// -b
# watch for new firefox release tags in the mozilla repository:
firefox-central hg -t FIREFOX_*_RELEASE