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Open source gis data management tools created by dymaptic and shared with the community
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Dymaptic GIS Data Utilities

The GIS Data Utilities created by dymaptic is a set of evolving scripts that facilitate managing GIS data. The list below represents the folder break-down and a brief description of each script. To view a more detailed description and usage cases, navigate to the individual folders.


Set of scripts to help with managing a geodatabase. These scripts are especially useful during the initial phases of development when the database schema can change.

This script creates a feature class based on a csv file. The csv file contains information about the fields to be added to the feature class.

This script creates a standalone table based on a csv file. The csv file contains information about the fields to be added to the standalone table.

This script creates relationship classes based on a csv file. The csv file contains information about the tables that take part in the relationship, relationship type, keys, etc.


dymaptic (di-map-tick) is a boutique software development firm with 25+ years of combined expertise spanning many industries and platforms.

We are adaptable and agile, never limiting ourselves to specific vendors or stacks while maintaining a primary focus on GIS software and technology. Our Team works to find solutions that are customized to our clients’ needs and solve challenging problems by creating dynamic software. Software Development as a service offering is only a small part of what we provide to our clients.

Dymaptic offers full software life-cycle support from ideation to creation, maintenance to migration providing quality software that has been created with the best technology available. Our Team of passionate developers are unconventional and are continuously exploring projects in exciting areas like augmented reality and machine learning. They have created custom mobile data collection software, data processing automation, and custom web development for clients worldwide.

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