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DYMO Connect SDK

Getting Started 🚀

These instructions will help you to understand how DYMO Connect SDK works for .NET and Javascript.

.NET Sample

This is a WPF sample using DYM.Connect.SDK nuget package.

Installing 🔧

Open the project on Visual Studio

File > Open > Project/Solution > Select WPFSDKSample.csproj

Run Package Manager Console

 update-package -reinstall

Nuget package 📦

Dependencies 🛠️

Classes and methods ⚙️

  • DymoLabel instance

    • Load label
    void LoadLabelFromFilePath(string FileName) // Load label content from file 
    void LoadLabelFromXML(string XmlContent) //Load label from XML content
    • Manage label objects
    IEnumerable<ILabelObject> GetLabelObjects() //Get list of objects(Text, Shapes, Address, etc.) contained in the label
    bool UpdateLabelObject(ILabelObject labelObject, string objectValue) //Update value of specified object
    bool SetImageFromFilePath(string objectName, string imageFile) //Set content of image object specified from image file 
    bool SetImageFromBase64(string objectName, string base64String) //Set content of image object specified from Base64 string
    • Get preview
    byte[] GetPreviewLabel() //Get preview image's label as byte array
    • Save label
    bool Save(string fileName) //Save label file
  • DymoPrinter instance

    • Get printers

      • Get list of DYMO printers installed in the current machine.
      IEnumerable<IPrinter> GetPrinters() 
    • Print label

      • Print an instantiated DymoLabel object in the selected printer.
         bool PrintLabel(DymoLabel label, string printerName, int copies = 1, bool collate = false, bool mirror = false, int rollSelected = 0, bool chainMarks 
        = false,  bool barcodeGraphsQuality = false) 
      • Print a list of instantiated DymoLabel objects in the selected printer.
      bool PrintLabel(IEnumerable<DymoLabel> labels, string printerName, int copies = 1, bool collate = false, bool mirror = false, int rollSelected = 0, 
      bool chainMarks=false,  bool barcodeGraphsQuality = false)
    • LW 550 printer methods(these methods will not have effect when selected printer does not belong to 550 series)

      • Verify if selected printer belongs to 550 series.
         bool Is550Printer(string printerName) 
      • Get information about current label inserted in the selected printer.
      IConsumableInfo550Printer GetCurrentLabelInsertedIn550Printer(string printerName)

JavaScript Sample

This is a JavaScript sample using DYMO Connect Framework.

Prerequisites 📋

DYMO Connect Software installed

Reference to Javascript SDK file

Installing 🔧

Include the framework into your project

Functions ⚙️

dymo.connect.framework includes functions from the previous dymo.label.framework

These are the main functions to get start

  • dymo.connect.framework

    • Initialize
     dymo.label.framework.init() //Initialize DYMO Label Framework
    dymo.label.framework.checkEnvironment() // Validate if the environment meets the requirements
    • Load label
    dymo.label.framework.openLabelFile(fileName) //Load label from file name and return label instance
    • Validate label
    dymo.label.framework.openLabelXml(labelXml) //Load label from XML content and return label instance
    • Validate label instance (introduced in dymo.connect.framework)
    label.isValidLabel() //Validate if the current content is a valid label based on the current service installed
    label.isDCDLabel() //Validate if the current content is a valid DYMO Connect label based on DYMO Connect service
    label.isDLSLabel() //Validate if the current content is a valid DYMO Label Software label based on DYMO Label Software service
    • Get printers
    dymo.label.framework.getPrinters() //Get list of DYMO printers installed
    • Print
    dymo.label.framework.printLabel(printerName, printParamsXml, labelXml, labelSetXml) //Print label
    • Get preview
    dymo.label.framework.renderLabel(labelXml, renderParamsXml, printerName) //Get label preview image of the label

Sample Html Pages 📋

Local Web Api service should be running to be able to work with sample pages.

Important notes

Opening a label file previously created from DYMO Label Software, with DYMO Connect Software installed, it will convert the structure of DLS label into DYMO Connect label. Therefore, isDCDLabel function will return always true after label file has been open, when DYMO Connect is running.

setTextMarkup function is not supported for DYMO Connect labels.

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Acknowledgments 📢