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Bitcoin Ansible Operator

Bitcoin Ansible Operator deploys a containerized Bitcoin SV bitcoind application on Kubernetes using Ansible playbooks via the Ansible Operator


  1. Start minikube (e.g. minikube start)

    We will be using the default namespace, and the default account.

  2. Deploy the Bitcoin operator

    • Create the Bitcoin operator RBAC and Service Account files

      $ kubectl create -f deploy/service_account.yaml
      $ kubectl create -f deploy/role.yaml
      $ kubectl create -f deploy/role_binding.yaml
    • Create the Bitcoin operator Custom Resource Definitions (CRD)

      kubectl create -f deploy/crds/bitcoin_v1_bitd_crd.yaml
    • Deploy the etcd operator

      kubectl create -f deploy/operator.yaml
  3. Create the Vault Ansible Operator Custom Resource (CR)

    kubectl create -f deploy/crds/bitcoin_v1_bitd_cr.yaml


To uninstall the Bitd Deployment and the Bitcoin Ansible Operator, run the following commands

  1. Uninstall Bitd
    kubectl delete -f deploy/crds/bitcoin_v1_bitd_cr.yaml
  2. Uninstall Bitcoin Ansible Operator
    kubectl delete -f deploy/operator.yaml

Verify that the all pods created with the deployment are being terminated and are deleted

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