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Dynacase Platform

Create dynamic business applications faster and safer with an open source platform.

Dynacase Platform is an innovative Open Source PHP platform to develop business applications without the disadvantages of a specific development. This is possible thanks to core features provided ‘out-of-the-box’ (account management, rights management...), but also through the pre-designed modules for information management and business process management.

Getting Help


Dynacase is an open source project. You can help us by contributing to documentation, reporting bugs, forking the code to add features or make bug fixes or promoting it on twitter, etc.

Commercial Support, Licensing

If you want information go to Anakeen (ISV of Dynacase).

Legal Stuff

Dynacase Platform is released by Anakeen under LGPLv3. The ISV modules are released under the granted license by Anakeen. The enterprise edition is composed of Dynacase Platform and the ISV modules and allows access to corrective patchs on a private repository. Dynacase and Anakeen and associated logos are trademarks of Anakeen.