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dynalogin - OTP-based two-factor authentication suite
Project aims:
- to enable the wider adoption of two-factor authentication
- to undermine the efforts of keystroke loggers and other trojans
- to reduce spam, by significantly increasing the effort
required to make effective phishing attacks
Technical features:
- privilege separation
- OTP relies on storing unencrypted (not hashed) shared secrets for each
user on a central server
- the principle of privilege separation ensures that secrets are kept
by a process that does authentication checks on behalf of other processes
- calling processes never have access to the actual secrets, they just
receive a yes/no answer to confirm if the OTP was validated
- reliable and scalable
- use of various modular backends, e.g. flat file or ODBC/SQL
- convenient to deploy
- written in C, to run on a wide variety of UNIX platforms
- no dependency on other server products, although SQL databases
can be used if desired
- low resource demands
- written in C rather than Java
Components of the dynalogin suite:
- dynalogin-datasource
modules that can store and retrieve user data
see libdynalogin/datasource for ODBC (SQL), file and sample datasources
- libdynalogin
a controller for the dynalogin workflow, integrating the functionality
of the datasources and the algorithms in the backend.
libdynalogin provides a single API for the application developer
to leverage all the backend features.
- dynalogind
a daemon that can perform authentication of OTP credentials
passed in over a socket, with support for TCP and TLS connections
from client processes.
- libdynaloginclient
a client library for processes that want to make network calls to
dynalogind. Supports TLS.
- pam_dynalogin
a pam library that interacts with dynalogind over a TLS connection
(using libdynaloginclient). It can be stacked to allow fall-back
to regular password authentication.
- dynalogin.php
a PHP client library for accessing dynalogind over the network
- simpleid-store-dynalogin
A module enabling the popular OpenID provider SimpleID to authenticate
users against dynalogind
Further reading:
To build from source, see BUILD.txt
To experiment with and test the server, see TESTING.txt
To learn more about back-end data source configuration, see
as there is an individual document for each data source.
Some of the components have extra documents (*.txt) in their