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CMS/Wiki system using Javascript for 100% client side single page application using Markdown.
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Build Status


100% static single file CMS/Wiki done purely with client-side Javascript and HTML5.

See for more info and documentation.

!! This project is currently unmaintained!!


See for readily precompiled releases.

How to build from source

(applies to master branch, stable may differ)

  1. Install node.js >= 0.10 and npm (if not included)
  2. Clone the mdwiki repo
  3. Install deps and build MDwiki (you need automake installed - if you are on Windows check the contents of the Makefile for the list of commands to run them manually):
  1. Find the mdwiki.html in the dist/ folder

  2. Development

For development, use

grunt devel 

To get unminified source code compiled to dist/mdwiki-debug.html, as well as auto file watching and livereload support. Symlink the development mdwiki file into your webroot for testing.

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