FoxyStripe is a SilverStripe ecommerce module that integrates with FoxyCart.
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FoxyStripe is a SilverStripe ecommerce module designed to integrate with FoxyCart.

FoxyCart provides you with a flexible, powerful, customizable, and secure ecommerce platform. FoxyStripe provides a product catalog that integrates with the FoxyCart shopping cart and API.

Features include:

  • FoxyCart Add to Cart Form with Product Options and Modifiers
  • Customer Order History
  • Two-way Single Sign On with FoxyCart
  • HMAC Product Validation

Read more about Using FoxyStripe, Advanced Features and Migrating from SilverStripe 3.x to 4.x


composer require dynamic/foxystripe


  • SilverStripe 4.x
  • FoxyCart Store 2.x


Once FoxyStripe is installed, run a dev/build to setup the database.

FoxyCart Setup

Login to your FoxyCart Account and create a new store. See Creating a FoxyCart Account for detailed instructions.

FoxyStripe Setup

Now that your store has been created, you'll need to grab some information from FoxyCart to configure your FoxyStripe site.

In CMS > Settings > FoxyStripe

  1. Store Name - enter value from FoxyCart > Store > Settings > Store sub domain - ex: myfoxystripestore
  2. Store Key - copy value to FoxyCart > Store > Advanced > API key - ex: xxxxxxxxxxxxx1234

Your FoxyStripe store is now setup and ready for business. To get started, see Using FoxyStripe

To set up additional features, such as Single Sign On and Order History, see Advanced Features

Additional Information

FoxyCart Documentation

Maintainer Contact


Inspired by previous work done by cbryer.


See the docs/en folder.