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  • React native + Redux directory structure has been created with redux configuration
  • Sample container and presentational component created, using counter value from redux store
  • Sample routes added using react navigation 3
  • Splash screen added
  • App Icon added
  • Header and Side drawer component added
  • Added native base for using styled components from the native base library


  • The React Native CLI npm install -g react-native-cli
  • XCode is required for developing and running react-native app on iOS emulator which works on macOS
  • Android studio along with Genymotion suffices the need for developing and running android app

This project aims at helping kickstarting a new react native with redux project which uses redux thunk as middleware.

  • Step 1: clone this repository
  • Step 2: navigate inside the project folder cd create-react-native-redux-thunk-app
  • Step 3: do npm install or yarn install
  • Step 4: react-native link

Running on iOS react-native run-ios
Running on Android react-native run-android

Some basic commands

  • Cache Reset npm start -- --reset-cache

For Pull Requests

Aim is to keep this repository as simple and light as we can, only add packages which actually increases the productivity or app performance i.e raise PR for a must to have package/feature, looking forward to contributions.

Starter kit created by Bhupinder Singh, follow me on twitter @dynamicsingh
Read my blogs on

Blog for this starter kit coming soon!

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