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⏳ @DynamicWebPaige: BUILDING...

πŸ—£ Notable recent conference talks:

The first is an end-to-end machine learning case study: building a model, containerizing it, and then deploying it with Azure Model Management + calling it as a REST API. The second is an exploration of the mathematics required to implement a neural network. The final example is two quick demos for Build 2018 - one on Azure Cognitive Search, one on Azure DataBricks.

  • Attendees for the first two: ~100;
  • Attendees for the third: 6000 in-person, 500k live-streamed, >2M in all.

πŸ“Š Digital Signal Processing with R

Examples were generated in RMarkdown. The textbook are figures and code to support an open-source DSP textbook from Richard Baraniuk; the other are examples for an R package.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Coursework for the Coursera study group I led at Chevron.

I was also selected to serve as a mentor for the Chevron Data Science Development Program - an elite group of prospective data scientists, mostly coming from the internal research group. Almost all of my pupils had PhDs - which was a tad bit surreal, but very fun!

In-progress examples of R code to supplement open-source statistics textbooks.

πŸ’» Links to resources used for BUILD talks

Four this year: two on DevOps for Data Science, one on Machine Learning at Scale, and an Introduction to Tensorflow with Keras.

πŸ’Ύ GitHub contributions

Mostly documentation, especially Azure documentation - but you'll also see ethical modeling guidelines, a few NASA Space Math examples, and machine learning code snippets for VS Code. Have also added minor changes to docs for Magenta, TensorBoard, TensorFlow, and Keras.

βš– Proxy Bias Vignette with R

Created during the rOpenSci Unconference; was invited to attend by the good folks at numFOCUS. It was a heck of a lot of fun!

πŸš› DeepParking: Microsoft One Week Hackathon 2018

A mobile application that directs Microsoft employees to the closest vacant parking spot in Building 43, based on vehicle type. Uses YOLO to detect cars parked in spaces.

🐀 Some examples of Twitter rants:

I, uh, also resuscitate Apple IIs and had a small LLC for wearable electronics for a bit ( 😊


πŸ›  Getting excited and making things, three decades and counting.



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