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Declaration of Intent

The Australian Dynamo User Group is making an effort to go even more open source! Our Meetup Group is already open to everyone that is willing to learn Dynamo, Python for Dynamo, Visual Programming, Revit APIs (but not only) and experiment some cool stuff with us. However, we are always willing to go an extra mile. So we created this public GitHub repo where, from now on, we are going to store all the cool work that we do in our hands-on labs! In this way, if for whatever reason you haven't been able to come to the workshop, you can still collaborate, have fun and be in touch with us. ❤️


General Info

Repository to host all the Dynamo graphs developed during the workshops held in Sydney. You can either clone/download the material from the repo and then go through it locally on your machine, or you can use the scripts directly in Dynamo, using DynaHub (instructions coming through).

Furthermore, we encourage you to interact with us as much as you can! Feel free to use our material, fork the repo as you please, take inspiration or strip what is of use for you. And if you find issues, have requests, what to say hi 👋 don't refrain to jump to the Issues section.

We really hope you enjoy this material as much as we enjoyed putting it together and you find it useful.

How to use

This repo is divided in folders and each folder represents one lab the the group had. Inside of the folder you should find all the files that you need + a .md text file that explains what is that specific lab about, the contents of the folder and (hopefully) all the basic info that you need.

Arguably, the very first thing you should do is to open the .md file and understand how to use the folder's material.

List of workshops

  • May 2018 - Model Break-up For Coordination Purposes (Andrea Tassera)
  • September 2019 - Using Dynamo to prepare Models for Exchange / Model Clean-up (Gavin Crump)


This is meant to be used in conjunction with DynaHub. Instructions to come briefly.


Repository to host all the Dynamo graphs developed during the workshops held in Sydney







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