Dynamic Instrumentation Tool Platform
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derekbruening i#3327: compute reuse distance separately per thread (#3345)
Changes the reuse_distance and reuse_time tools to operate on each
thread separately, and to then aggregate the final results across the

Implements the new parallel analysis interface to perform these
computations in parallel, which reduces the substantial additional
overhead of per-thread computation.

Adds a new checked-in offline multi-threaded (x64-only) trace and adds
reuse_distance and reuse_time tests using it.

Updates the documentation's sample reuse_distance and reuse_time

Fixes #3327
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api i#3230 split traces: add parallel trace analysis support (#3321) Jan 4, 2019
clients i#3327: compute reuse distance separately per thread (#3345) Jan 15, 2019
core i#1870: Support ordinal forwarders (#3221) Jan 14, 2019
ext i#2941 recreate_app_state spill/restore: robustly recognize non-publi… Dec 15, 2018
libutil Cleanup: simplify libutil/ include dirs (#3292) Dec 6, 2018
make i#3278 windows file path: temporarily strip dot/slash in path (#3279) Nov 20, 2018
suite i#3327: compute reuse distance separately per thread (#3345) Jan 15, 2019
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DynamoRIO logo

About DynamoRIO

DynamoRIO is a runtime code manipulation system that supports code transformations on any part of a program, while it executes. DynamoRIO exports an interface for building dynamic tools for a wide variety of uses: program analysis and understanding, profiling, instrumentation, optimization, translation, etc. Unlike many dynamic tool systems, DynamoRIO is not limited to insertion of callouts/trampolines and allows arbitrary modifications to application instructions via a powerful IA-32/AMD64/ARM/AArch64 instruction manipulation library. DynamoRIO provides efficient, transparent, and comprehensive manipulation of unmodified applications running on stock operating systems (Windows, Linux, or Android) and commodity IA-32, AMD64, ARM, and AArch64 hardware. Mac OSX support is in progress.

Existing DynamoRIO-based tools

Tools built on DynamoRIO and provided in our release package include:

  • The memory debugging tool Dr. Memory
  • The multi-process cache simulator and memory address trace collection and analysis platform drcachesim
  • The legacy processor emulator drcpusim
  • The "strace for Windows" tool drstrace
  • The code coverage tool drcov
  • The library tracing tool drltrace
  • The memory tracing tool memtrace
  • The basic block tracing tool bbbuf
  • The instruction counting tool inscount

Building your own custom tools

DynamoRIO's powerful API abstracts away the details of the underlying infrastructure and allows the tool builder to concentrate on analyzing or modifying the application's runtime code stream. API documentation is included in the release package and can also be browsed online. Slides from our past tutorials are also available.

Downloading DynamoRIO

DynamoRIO is available free of charge as a binary package for both Windows and Linux. DynamoRIO's source code is available under a BSD license.

Obtaining Help

Use the discussion list to ask questions.

To report a bug, use the issue tracker.

See also the DynamoRIO home page: http://dynamorio.org/