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Barcode Scanner with Raspberry Pi and USB Webcam

The sample demonstrates how to use Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK and Python to build a barcode scanner with Raspberry Pi and USB Webcam.

Getting Started

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for Raspberry Pi

  1. Contact to get the download link.

  2. Extract the package and generate a symbolic link:

    sudo ln -s <Your library path>/ /usr/lib/
  3. Visit license page to get a trial license.

Build Custom Python extension

  1. Open Replace the include and lib paths with yours:

  2. Build and install Python extension:

    python Build
    sudo python install

    install custom python extension

Install OpenCV for Raspberry Pi

Read How to install OpenCV 3 on Raspbian Jessie.

Barcode Scanner

  1. Connect webcam to Raspberry Pi.

  2. Run

  3. Press key 'C' to capture and read barcode.

    Raspberry Pi Node.js Barcode Reader


Raspberry Pi Barcode Scanner with Webcam and Python