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This is the home of the DynaSim Toolbox for modeling and simulating dynamical systems in MATLAB and GNU Octave!

See the DynaSim Toolbox in action, with Getting started tutorial and the UnbiasedCompetition demonstration live script.

Quick Install:

  • Full instructions are online.
  • In brief:
    1. Download the toolbox, and add it to your MATLAB or GNU Octave path.
      • Download it as a Zip file or clone it from the Terminal: git clone
    2. Add to path using startup.m or Command Window:
      • addpath(genpath('YOUR/PATH/TO/DynaSim'))



If you use DynaSim for your published research, please cite this introductory article:

Sherfey JS, Soplata AE, Ardid S, Roberts EA, Stanley DA, Pittman-Polletta BR and Kopell NJ (2018) DynaSim: A MATLAB Toolbox for Neural Modeling and Simulation. Front. Neuroinform. 12:10. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2018.00010

Other References:

Mailing lists: