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Quick solution for testing notifications on jailbroken iOS devices
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Mac app

iOS Notification Debugging Tools

A quick and (somewhat) terrible solution for sending notifications to jailbroken iOS devices for testing tweaks. Based on the MultipeerConnectivity framework.

It was written during an all-nighter while trying to make marketing images for a tweak so it is not written well (esp. serialization stuff). Also the UI is rudimentary and (somewhat) annoying while typing notifications, but it's a debugging tool.


  • Send notifications from your Mac to test
  • Spoof your notification as from a bundle identifier
  • Queue notifications on device at intervals for videos
  • Clear already sent notifications
  • Load notification lists from files
  • No setup required after installation
  • Spoof carrier name and time
  • Relaunch SpringBoard remotely

Security Notice

Installing this tweak on your device means that anyone with the Mac app on your network can send notifications. As it's a dsebugging tool, this is fine for most, but eventually it will be beneficial to add an authentication process (either a password or allow/deny connection dialog for first time pairs).


  1. Install tweak on device with make install (Theos required)
  2. Open Mac app/iOS Notification Debugging Tools.xcodeproj
  3. Run the Xcode project to build the Mac app
  4. Select your iOS device from the Mac app (must be on same network)


Please feel free to improve the tool as much as you'd like and pull request back. Attempt to maintain a readable and similar coding style and use the same conventions as present already.


Check out the issues page to see what we have in mind for the future of this project.

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