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Ticket Monster Backend V1

This backend module contains the monolith Ticket Monster service without the UI. Use an external UI to connect to the REST API that this service exposes.


  • Requires access to a PCF Cluster
  • Make sure you have Cloud Foundry CLI installed
  • You need Maven to build the monolith
  • You need Docker to create a Docker image
  • Sign In to your DockerHub Account


0. Clone the repository and change directory

$ cd backend-v1

1. Make sure to have a mysql Cloud Foundry service instance described here

If you don't have a ticketMonster-mysql service, create one using:

$ cf create-service p-mysql 100mb ticketMonster-mysql

2. Build the latest version of the backend-v1 as Docker image

$ mvn clean install -P mysql fabric8:build -D docker.image.name=<your dockerhub account>/backend:v1

3. Move to Dockerfile and push Docker image to DockerHub

$ cd .\target\docker\<your dockerhub account>\backend\v1\build\
$ docker push <your dockerhub account>/backend:v1

4. Push the application to Cloud Foundry by refering to the container image on DockerHub

cf push backend-v1 -o <your dockerhub account>/backend:v1

5. Bind the mysql service instance to the application

$ cf bind-service backend-v1 ticketMonster-mysql

6. Get binding information (jdbcUrl, name and password) and set environment variables: database connection-url, user-name, and password to these values

$ cf env backend-v1
$ cf set-env backend-v1 CONNECTION-URL jdbc:mysql://***
$ cf set-env backend-v1 USER-NAME ***
$ cf set-env backend-v1 PASSWORD ***

7. Restage application to ensure your environment variable changes take effect

$ cf restage backend-v1