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Dynatrace PTC Windchill Starter Set

This repo contains files to create PTC Windchill assets in a Dynatrace tenant including application, metrics, dashboards and synthetic monitors. Check out our Dynatrace blog on PTC Windchill/ThingWorx here.

In order to create these entities in Dynatrace, you will need two items:

Name Description
Dynatrace tenant url Managed https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}
SaaS https://{your-environment-id}
API Token Required permissions outlined in the screenshot below

The API Token needs to have these minimum permissions:

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All the relevant files required to create the Dynatrace objects are in the assets directory. Under this directory, there are subfolders containing the assets by category. Each subfolder is prefixed by a numeric value to show the order in which these objects need to be created. Note that some dashboards may require minor configuration after deployment - such as filtering a tile to a particular process group.

Example synthetic monitors are available in the synthetic directory, please refer to - examples include remote file server, queue and server status monitors.

There are two ways to deploy the assets to your Dynatrace tenant, with the utility tool or uploading the them manually. Each option is covered in more detail below.

1. Utility Tool

A utility tool is available to automatically upload all the assets to the Dynatrace tenant. In order to use the utility:

  • Clone or download this repo.
  • Download the utility for your OS. Unzip and move the file PTC-Windchill_x.x.x to the root of your cloned directory. To run the executable - open command prompt, navigate to the executable and run it.

2. Manually upload the components

  • Please use any tool of your convenience (Postman, curl etc.) to make POST REST calls to your Dynatrace tenant or utilize the API explorer in the Dynatrace UI. Apply all REST calls of the files in a given subfolder.
Method Endpoint Subfolder Name Notes
POST /api/config/v1/managementZones 01-ManagementZones
POST /api/config/v1/applications/web 02-Application
POST /api/config/v1/applicationDetectionRules 03-DetectionRules Replace the application id in the json with the application id
POST /api/config/v1/autoTags 04-AutoTags
POST /api/config/v1/service/requestAttributes 05-RequestAttributes
POST /api/config/v1/calculatedMetrics/service 06-MetricsService
POST /api/config/v1/service/customServices/java?position=APPEND 07-CustomServices
POST /api/config/v1/extensions 08-Extensions Extensions require uploading the zip files
POST /api/config/v1/dashboards 11-Dashboards


Please reach out to for assistance with deploying the starter set or for any questions/concerns